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For Ian Foundation is currently looking at a number of proposals from researchers and institutions.  Additionally, currently Mouse Xenograft models of SDHB deficient GIST and other types of SDH deficient tumors (in many cases from Ian Rahimi's tumor tissue) are currently in labs at various institutions.

We are also currently in discussions with various clinician-researchers to list these projects and hope to be able provide further funding to these projects.

The following projects are already underway and may receive additional funding from For Ian Foundation.

  1. Therapeutic killing of GIST cells by selective metabolic toxins.
    Dr. Arthur Tischler, Tufts

  2. Studying both the direct lytic and indirect immunostimulatory effects of oncolytic herpes simplex virus infections in mouse models of and patients with solid tumors.
    Dr. Timothy Cripe, Nationwide Children's Hospital

  3. Utilize state-of-the-art metabolomics capabilities (based on mass-spectrometry technologies) to study metabolic transformations in cancer in general, and succinate dehydrogenase (SDH)-deficient tumors in particular. Currently with generated mouse models and derived primary cell lines to understand the metabolic consequences and vulnerabilities imposed by the loss of the mitochondrial tumor suppressor gene SDH.
    Prof. Eyal Gottlieb, Technion University