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For Ian Foundation Financials

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“For Ian Foundation” is in its infancy; however, we were still able to award a $20,000 grant to Dr. Arthur Tischler’s research in 2018. With help from our legal and accounting volunteers we hope to have a detailed accounting of For Ian Foundation’s financial statements published on this website within the next few months. In the meantime, below is a general summary of our financial status and fund raising initiatives.


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  • Founded “For Ian Foundation” with approximately $60,000 of funds from the donations made to “Ian GIST Project” under Johns Hopkins umbrella (2014/2015)


  • GREEN FOR IAN 2016. November 2016. This was not a fund raising effort. However this is when the idea of For Ian Foundation was conceived.


  • GREEN FOR IAN 2017. November 2017. 100 - 200 individual donations with a notable and generous donation from our first corporate donor, Radware, Ltd., Mr. Roy Zisapel, CEO and President


  • Rebecca Rahimi birthday fund raiser with a goal of $1,900 for Rebecca’s 19th birthday. Raised $3,000.
    September 2018.


  • Expenses: Approximately $2,000 since inception of Foundation. $924 for legal filings was paid by the foundation, the rest was donated by Franko Rahimi.

- $924

  • Annual expense to Cryo-preserve Ian Rahimi’s tumor tissue at StoreMyTumor, Inc. Preservation of this cancer tumor is extremely important as it can be used to produce additional Mouse PDX models that researchers can use.

- $588

- $20,000

  • $20,000 Grant to Dr. Tischler of Tufts, Nov-Dec 2018