Green for Ian, 2016


Family and Friends,  
As many of you know, one year ago tomorrow, the world became a little less beautiful when we lost an incredible soul – Ian Rahimi. 

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I speak for everyone who is close to Ian when I say, Ian is our hero. Not a day goes by where I don’t find strength in myself because of him.  He taught me to persevere and endure, in spite of obstacles, because a hero is someone who gets up even when he feels like he can’t. Ian taught me to smile bigger, break rules, love deeply, forgive quickly, laugh uncontrollably and measure life through moments of happiness, because tomorrow is never promised. He taught us all that being brave is about giving your life to something bigger than yourself, and that coming together can create bonds so strong they can defeat anything.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day for everyone who was touched by Ian.  We remember the days that turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months to one year, and the pain of losing him is still so deep. Let us find comfort in remembering this – Ian lived to tell a story. A story with a lesson so great, only sacrifice could prove. He went to battle for us - to keep us honest, give us strength, make us love one another, and to keep us steady. Let us continue his story and celebrate everything he fought to accomplish.

While those who love Ian are far and near, let us make an effort to be together on this day. I ask that you and your loved ones wear green (Ian’s favorite color), or an article of green clothing tomorrow, Tuesday November 15th, and send me a picture of yourselves. By the end of tomorrow, I hope to have a large collection of pictures showing Ian’s happy and beloved friends and family members in green in honor of his story. I will share this collection with Ian’s family and with all of you, so that we can feel a little bit closer on this day.

Please help me spread this message.  I will ask you to forward this email to your family and friends, and everyone Ian has touched. Broken moments like these need love and strength to glue them together.

Natalie A Lebow