Green for Ian, 2017

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Dear Family and Friends,  
Ian Rahimi, 19-year-old son of Jaine and Franko Rahimi, passed away from a rare cancer on November 15, 2015.
Last year on November 15, I wrote to many of you to come together and celebrate Ian's life by wearing Ian's favorite color, GREEN, and send us your pictures.
The outcome GREEN FOR IAN - 2016 was beautiful. 
Once again, I ask that you come together and participate in GREEN FOR IAN - 2017, in what is destined to be an annual tribute to Ian's life.
I hope that you will join us to honor Ian and his memory by wearing GREEN and sending us your pictures. 


Last year we had a lot of pictures from people who did not know Ian but heard his story and wanted to join in the tribute.  Please pass this along to others and ask them to pass it along.

Please email your pictures to

Natalie Lebow

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Green for Ian fund raiser

This year we are taking advantage of the, beautiful, Green for Ian tradition to have an all important fund raiser.  Please visit the WHY DONATE page to read more about this fund raiser and contribute to the cause of rare childhood cancers.